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Hello My Friend!

I'm Monica, your coach for your holistic healing journey, to live more authentically and in alignment with who you want to be!

Monica Idec
Monica Idec
Monica Idec

Hi, I'm Monica! I believe that everyone deserves to heal!

My whole life I had been searching for my purpose, my why. When I hit my dark night of the soul, I knew that I needed to seek help. Talk therapy wasn't working for me and quite frankly, I was completely lost. One day I was confiding to a teacher friend how miserable I was and that I had no idea how to help myself or heal whatever was happening within me. She was like listen, I have a sister who is a Reiki practitioner and I am going to set up a session for you this weekend. All you need to do is show up. 

I had no idea what Reiki was or how it would even help, but I agreed. My friend saw a part of herself in me and knew that Reiki might be beneficial to my healing. That weekend I went to my first session and I instantly knew that this was going to sling shot me onto a path of holistic wellness. I came in with low confidence, constant negative harmful thinking, behaviors that were no longer serving me, and sabotaging tendencies. My Reiki teacher helped guide me through the roughest parts of the journey and gently held space for me to navigate through the trauma of healing. I began to feel better and more capable of taking back my life. Simply, I showed up, even when things got tough. 

Fast forward almost four years, and I am here writing this to you, my future client.


My mission is to help guide others on their healing journey to reclaim their life and find alignment that is meaningful and healing.

As a certified spiritual coach, reiki practitioner and yoga instructor, I live this mission daily...

Through my experience as a working professional, I recognize that many people sell themselves short and continue to cycle through patterns that no longer serve them because they are not living life for themselves but rather for other people. Ultimately people choose comfort and familiarity, instead of choosing to live THEIR life authentically. It's time to take back what is yours; your life, your dreams, your reality. 


My purpose is to help others find their potential and take back their life!

When creating awareness, compassion, confidence, and boundaries in your life it needs to be addressed on multiple levels. I teach you how to break down and rewire your mental and emotional patterns that have held you in a cyclical pattern.

I utilize Reiki, breath work, oracle cards, mindfulness, and movement to restore the mind/body/spirit connection. Together we work through trauma that comes to the surface and begin to navigate through to a new way of being that is more in alignment with a life that feels good. 

Everything is personalized to you, because only you can experience your life, so why not take it back!

I have been exactly where you are, I know exactly how it feels…

To have doubt and self-hate cloud your judgment. To have no confidence and say yes to things because you feel like you don't have another choice. To feel like there is no hope and that even if you change your life circumstances won't. To have heart breaking realizations that you are unworthy of life, love, or happiness.

You are not alone. You are not broken.

If no one has told you lately, you can have the life you want. You can be exactly who you are meant to be and live a life in alignment with your values and goals. You can heal and begin to create a life filled with joy and love. The only question I have for you is...

Are you ready to commit to yourself, fully?

Say yes to yourself, you are worthy!

Monica Idec

"Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future."

-Deepak Chopra


Let's talk next steps

Schedule a 1:1 Introductory Call to see if my program is the right fit for you!

The process we will go through will help you build confidence, self-love, self-acceptance, and awareness within so you can show up in the world authentically. Together we will create the life you want to live and move yourself into a higher consciousness. 

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